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About Us

We at IDHHB are individuals and groups studying the ancient teaching of spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

We seek to provide public access to information about:
Voluntary Evolution, an approach to spiritual work on the self;
Spiritual disciplines dating back to ancient cultures;
Objective art and iconography.

The Labyrinth Readers Course fosters new attitudes toward death and dying.

Our latest offering is Bardo Training using a videogame, played with the intention of using it as a tool for transformation.

Bardo Training Pics

Other education programs include Gateways Books & Tapes, sacred theater and dance training, mask initiation workshops, and professional evolutionary marketing seminars. IDHHB provides consultants in publicity, lecturing, sacred theater and dance, maintains a publishing house, tape service, and support service for local chapters. Offers Zen Basics on CD as well as other innovative training materials in CD-ROM and internet formats.

"It's very different playing a videogame and using a videogame as a transformational tool." EJ Gold