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Spiritual Gaming

What is Spiritual Gaming?

Spiritual Gaming could be defined as the use of gaming in the service of spiritual goals. Games have been used effectively for self-study, group work, trainings, workshops, counseling, meditations, and even spiritual service.
E.J. Gold has been using all kinds of games as a tool for spiritual work for decades. Video-gaming has proven to be an excellent venue in that regard. Online group bardo training safaris are only 1 available venue. If you would like to explore games made by E.J Gold himself with the Godd Engine, check out

  • Godd Games downloadable
  • games designed by E.J. Gold, "gorebagg" for Bardo Training purposes.

    Gaming can be board, dice, cards, string, TCGs, RPG, MUDs, chase, video, and much, much more.

  • "The Any Game Cookbook", available on Amazon,
  • is a wonderful book By Claude Needham which opens any game to be a "Spiritual Game".

  • "Spiritual Gaming", THE book on Spiritual Gaming, written by E.J Gold is available on Amazon
  • What is it exactly that transforms games and gaming into something higher, something which we call "spiritual"? This book endeavors to answer that question and to delve rather deeply into the issues which arise. Read more below.
  • Dungeon Party
  • Yes, it has been used in spiritual gaming. Dungeon, the website - for a fun excursion. Here is a video clip of one of the Workshops:

    Spiritual Gaming is a concept whose time has come. It is broader than any particular spiritual religion, affiliation, school or belief system, and its potential transcends individual considerations. The general study of Spiritual Gaming is not restricted to any particular spiritual orientation. A kind of one size fits all. "Spiritual" in this context means to express that the essence of spirituality is the fundamental notion that there is more to all of this than a random assemblage of cosmic dust -- there is spirit.

    In respect to the wondrous diversity through which this belief has expressed itself in words, thoughts, and teachings, we shall allow the definition of "spiritual" to remain fuzzy. In other words, by not restricting the definition of spiritual to fit just a single point of view we leave it open to accommodate all.

    The book on the topic is "Spiritual Gaming" by E.J Gold is available right here

    In it you will find many references to safaris and their application on your spiritual path.

    Spiritual Gaming by E.J. Gold

    We can learn many practical things from games and gaming; we all know that kindergarten is mostly learning games, including sandbox, musical chairs and recess, but did you ever consider chess a learning game? It was developed to teach the basic tactics and strategies of military command in ancient Egypt.

    Examples of learning games abound, and many of them are cited in this volume, but the subject of videogames and table games are primary objects of focus in this dissertation. Learning to traverse the shocking ambushes of the Bardo, the Between-Lives State, and to function well in the Psychic-Intuitive Alpha-Theta State are definable goals of this book, and within its pages you will find many testimonials to this functional effect of the training described herein.

    "Well worth the reading, I have already applied several of the ideas in this book." JWS, London, England

    "I have had many psychic experiences but never really understood that there was something that I could do with them." M.N., Vancouver, B.C.

    "If I had only had this book in hand before my first out of body experience!!!" LSC, Montreal, Canada

    "I knew there had to be something out there like this, and finally I've found it. I have a better handle on what's happening to me in the Alpha-Theta State, and thank you for that! P.L., Los Angeles, CA

    Spiritual Gaming - The Book

    by E.J. Gold

    A Gateways Publication

    Price: $27.95 | $34.95 Canada
    Shipping: $4.00
    Prod.ID: bk126
    Chapters include: Spiritual Gaming & Its History, Gorebagg's World, Heart of the Labyrinth, Is There Life, after Zelda?, Revenge of the Dark Gang, Bardo Gaming, Druid Secrets, The Nature of Voyaging, Secrets of Staying with the Pack of Green, How Not to Be a Noob Even Though You Are One, Character Classes, Mercs and Money, The Drowning Pool, The Team Self, Why Am I Doing This?, How to Accept a Pro Rush, Getting the Edge, The Alarm Clock Talk, Levels of Skill, Online Gaming Astral Projection Voyaging, Magic Find, What is Bardo Training? Students' Commentaries, Working the New Ladder, Helping Gorebagg Reach Level 99, Correspondences to Work Ideas, Benefits of Online Bardo Training - A Group Assessment, Phredd's Phormulations.

    Trade paperback. 262 pages.