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Bardo Training Levels

Bardo Training Basics

Basics Bardo Training can now be done in your home with our new
Study at your own pace and meet us online for checking.

More on Bardo Basics here.

Bardo Training starts with Bardo Training Basics, which is the recommended course for admission to all other Training levels.


Online Training in Safaris

Bardo Training Safaris are available at different times during the week and weekend for all interested. Click here for the Safari schedule.
Cost: $25 per safari


Intermediate Bardo Training

Prerequisite: Bardo Training Basics
Location: Online in Intermediate Safaris with
Cost: $25 per safari

Space in the Intermediate Bardo Safaris is very limited. Please call the Bardo Training Center at 1-530-271-2239 or 800-869-0658 for availability or click here for the Safari schedule.


Advanced Bardo Training

Prerequisite: Bardo Training Basics, Intermediate and per evaluation
Location: Online with E.J.Gold
Call the Center for more information.



Location: Bardo Training Center, Grass Valley, California
In this training we use the G.O.D.D. game orbs developed by E.J.Gold and his game development team.
Call the center at 530-271-2239 for cost and availability.