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Here is what some people have to say about what Bardo Training means to them:
from Jose, Spain, Nov. 2005, click here
from Alessandra, Italy, Nov. 2005, click here
from Yamil, Argentina, Feb.2--7

"It has helped me see habitual patterns that I do in day to day life. Seeing patterns of behavior. I react the same way and in similar patterns in the game as I do in life. And I am trying to keep an open mind as to what else may happen." -- DB, Sacramento, California

"It's intense. It's really incredible attention training. You do have to spread your attention, and you can't let it lapse for a moment. It's good. I want to do it again next week." -- JR, Stevensville, Maryland

"I would like to tell that the training is a great experience because it is possible to learn a tool as this videogame where it is possible to see all your attitude in life and change it very quickly." -- AB, Gauriate, Italy

"You get EJ's presence in the game. It's pretty amazing, he manages to transcend the pixels. The Training demands a lot of prescence and attention. It's very revealing when you loose it and how often, very humbling" -- DS, Santa Barbara, California

"I have followed E.J.'s teaching for about one decade and made a study of all the things he has done prior to that since the sixties. Bardo Training for me is a comprehensive summery of everything that EJ would want to convey to any individual. All the teaching, books, painting, music, everything. It's a teaching delivered by E.J. to convey everything." -- BG, Oregon, USA

"To me the meaning in my life, well, I am always in the Bardo and it helps me because of my own growth in what I have been trying to do. It's actually easier to realize form is illusion, that phemomena is illusion. I have been working on this for 20 years, with another group. I can catch it earlier when I have a reaction. It helped me to let go, really tremendously helped me. Not be so attached. I think it's one way for people to learn, really really learn. And I am not so afraid now." -- LC, San Rafael, California

"Being to the convention was an otherwordly experience. I seemed to be above my normal patterns. I had come to the Bardo Training maybe wishing to recapture that earlier experience. While I was there, the training had a strong effect, like almost being non functional that one afternoon. With the diablo game when I play I notice all types of primate programs in myself, survival urges and struggles. I notice not high attention but being run by programs. It's the same perdictable programs. It seems like in life too I restarted the game this fall at the convention. It's the same programs running." -- TD, Ontario, Canada

"It appears a profound transmission is happening and it's amazing what can happen online." -- CW, Reston, Virginia

"I guess I feel like I am compelled to do it. I am between basic and intermediate now. I am seeing things that are useful to me and I need to start the intermediate as soon as I can." -- JG, Grass Valley, California

"It's going well, I am playing 2x/week and also doing leveling up. At this time it really is more connecting up and get through with the group." -- GA, New York, USA

"Laughing, well it's honing up attention and awareness skills. I am very surprised that that is what happens." -- JB, Vancouver, Canada

"The weekend I spent with you was really wonderful. It really stuck with me. Since that weekend (comment: 2 months) my focus has really improved a lot in my center(business)There is something else that shifted, internally, my center of gravity. What does Bardo Training mean to me? That shift in center of gravity represents a shift in my will." -- MM, Riondel, Canada

"I notice dreaming has increased. We are always in the Bardo. One of the hints E.J. gives is to remember that we are always in the Bardo. The gaming is not what I, my typicality, is naturally drawn to, so when I do it, something unfamiliar, it helps me to remember. It also brings a new perspective to the ordinary life. It's affecting my problem solving skills. It was hard to deal with dying, I had a lot of fear making mistakes, I was so afraid of conflict. Now I am much more able to handle conflict. I don't run away so easy." -- TM, Honesdale, Pennsylvania

"I am just having fun playing diablo in preparation of playing E.J.'s GODD games. I imagine getting Bardo intuitions when I start playing those. I am beginning to get some intuition on Bardo travel, how to move skillfully in the Bardo. For now, it's fun to do." -- SN, Beverton, Oregon

"Learning how to function at a higher level." -- GP, Grass Valley, USA

"It means a connection to my work with the Work." -- DS, Santa Barbara, California