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Afterlife Adventures Bardo Spaces

Starting in the Fall of 2006, E.J. Gold started taking groups of people on very special types of safari: Afterlife Adventures, real life F&B - Flesh and Blood - safaris. Trips into Bardo Land - these were life changing experiences for some. The way they were structured was to go into the spaces at a time that we consider "normal" and then again after the portal into Bardo Town had been opened. We collected a few of the testimonials for you here: Afterlife Adventure Testimonials

E.J. Gold has recreated some of the spaces encountered on those Bardo Runs in Reno in the reductionist fashion characteristic of his bardo spaces in The Godd Game environment
Here is the task: We will be putting up screen shots from the environment there and are looking for any photos you might have taken to match the spaces - or any experiences or memories the images might evoke for you.

Are you ready? Here is an example:

Allow yourself to remember while looking at the image below before scrolling down further. Pay special attention to the internal felt sense of it.

This corresponds to this space: