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Bardo Training Pictures

A day at the Bardo Training Center


"Having 'played' for 18 months now and from the very beginning with the intention of using the game as a tool, I had discovered for myself some of the profound and rather surprising effects gaming had on me. What really amazes me is my observation to date that this is working for everyone who has come here in the way that is needed and meaningful for THEM. Different things matter to different beings at different times and issues are not the same at all...but, it works regardless. It really is what is needed for YOUR bardo run". -- CW, Virginia, USA

The pictures below were taken during Training October 2nd, 2004.

Click here for pictures May 2005

E.J. demonstrating a master level environment before the Saturday morning talk: "What's this stuff good for anyhow?" Keep in mind: "A videogame is only a videogame until you decide to use it for transformation."


A little demo on the use of attention. As you know, attention is not a single thing. On right: E.J. "demonstrating" a really mild reaction to the clear light...


That was funny...but then, back to work.





Neville working with E.J.
Something about how this training has affected him: "This has shaken me to the roots. When the old man is talking, you can put your defenses up, but here he can get to you."


Wrapping it up at the end of the day.


Scott showing off his certificate.


Stay tuned....

Call the Center at 530-271-2239 for information on the next available training times.