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Guild Wars

Starting in the spring of 2006, we explored this world for some time. Remember the post-searing Ascalon you suddenly found yourself in, never to return to a world you had known?

There were all those missions, quests, runners, facing your Doppelganger? In the teams, you had to learn not to aggroe :D...

We were meeting in the guild hall, which Gorby, aka gorebagg, made sure he got for us to meet in.

If you are not currently playing GW, we would suggest investigating some of the other gaming venues available for Bardo Training.

If, however, you have already made the investment of time and money into GW and are actively involved with it, there is much you can do in the game to make it into more of a spiritual gaming experience. Feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to work with you in any way we are able.

Here's just a screen shot of that world.