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14 November 2005
Dear friends
Wow that was great!

There are several things I would like to tell you but this evening I will write about Diablo

First of all the results:
The group was 10 people
Cinzia (Fabio’s wife)
Sabrina and Gabriele (a couple from Sardinia)
Nicoletta e Sandro (a couple from Pisa)
Dario (from Roma)
Aldo (from Brescia)
Besides myself, Fabio and Saverio, Cinzia says that it is a good tool for her and is thinking about it
Sabrina and Gabriele are determinated to play and they are going to buy it and start to work
Nicoletta and Sandro already have it but they didn’t play. They say that they want to start again and play.
Dario just as we finished the gaming buyed it on line directly from Fabio’s PC!
The only one that didn’t take any position is Aldo but he was quite disoriented so we will wait for his decisions about this work with us.
So we possibly could be a group of 9 in a short time from Italy to play Diablo!…no bad!?

About myself and Diablo Playing Diablo in front of 9 people was a great experience. I could see a lot of things of myself most of all that I am still full of identifications …..(I am not good enough, everybody is looking at me, all this responsibility…etcc…) but I finished all the two hours trying to do my best.
The worst thing was that people keep on telling me what to do, someone was translating, someone else was moving the map all over the places in the screen because he/she could’t see well and I get so confused that sometime I was walking on the contrary directions I wanted!…So everybody screaming to me ..”where are you going!!! Etc…WOW! and the worst thing was that Fabio’s mouse is not so good because doesn’t correspond to hand movements (this happened to mine PC too and I fixed the PC power) so I told him to check his PC but sometime the character was jumping all over the places and everybody was screaming to me…”where you are going why don’t you kill the monsters???….and I was sweating all my sweat!
It was great!! Thankyou for this possibility you gave me.
It also worked me playing as a “female” (Italian) because Cinzia and Sabrina where impressed about myself grasping “on the wall of mirror” (there is this expression in English too??) to play even if knowing very little of PC things…english language and all these stuff…. I am sure that they have thought after having see my level that if I do they could do too……well this was one of our aims and it worked!
After playing I spoke about the result in my life achieved also throught Diablo playing.
This was very strong and I think it was very good, I could feel expecially Sabrina and Gabriele very understanding and feeling what I was telling them.

This was what I said (sintetic)
1.Diablo is a good training not to be surprise and training my reflex be able to change quickly (a key can be used for more functions or to speed something up)
3.never give up!
4.go deeper and deeper into things (my daily life changed also because I am learning not to change continuously between one thing to one other because I am not good in , but I insist to go on that thing that results difficult to me by looking for different solutions)
5.Have much power and not be afraid have new “fields” to experiment new things and became every time as a child in his first approach with things. This gives to me the possibility to live any experience as if is the “first time”, new impressions, no habits or conditioning or old ideas about things. (this is great to me and gave to me lot of strength and freshness) destroy the question …”and than?” in my mind because all our life is like this we are always waiting for something new and for this we loose what we have at the present moment. The aim is not to kill all the Diablos but what we learn doing it.
8.the great thing is also to learn something new like this at my age (50….). Some of my friends even don’t know how to use the cellular because they think they are too old to learn something new! So I can maintain the desire to learn always new things even if these are in continuous change.

After I spoke about all this Sabrina said that she was shocked and very impressed because I gave to her my real experience of life, and the result of my effort and this was what she was looking for and this gave to her the determination to continue with our group and in the Work.

I spoke about my effort to come to your Center and learn something, work on it and give the results to others. (to serve) I said that this is the way I want to work with the group in Italy, no complaining, philosophy or self doing (Ego), but follow the flow of energy and the directions from E.J. keeping in our mind that we are only repeater.
My intention on saying this is because there is the tendency in the Italian group to do things thinking that we all are something like “too distant(?)”…so I said that is my intention to work in the direction of keeping very deep contact with the Institutes team following the three lines of work and I invited all to think about it. Distance is not the problem. Different culture is not a problem.
But in my next e mail I will explain better to you.

I said them all the support you gave me this winter when I was down and alone, I said to them about the dream I did and the answers I had about it during Diablo gaming by EJ words. I said to them the energy help I received from you all when I asked (I felt it) for help….I felt “”embraced” and this was so great and so pure.

This was what I said and my heart spoke for me because it is all true!

Could be that Sabrina and Gabriele next time I come in USA they come with me (so they told me after).
Well is very late now and I will stay all the night to write to you, but the machine is sleepy..I have so many more things to tell to you, and I will but these were the most urgent. Have a good afternoon and for me a holy night.
I love you all